Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Sonisphere - Day One review

Limp Bizkit's Fred Durst
SAY what you like about about Limp Bizkit - and most people do - they sure know how to write songs that get a festival crowd singing along and dancing.

But I'm getting ahead of myself. It's day one of Sonisphere at glorious Knebworth and the sun is shining and it's hot. And as soon as the tent up and the first beer sunk, it's time to see the first band of the day.

London industrial metallers The Defiled are first up on the Apollo stage and quickly get the crowd going with a fierce set that they seem to enjoy as much as their fans.

But the early sets are short and sweet at 30 minutes and they are soon off and next up for me is Comeback Kid in the Bohemia tent. Just like The Defiled, these Canadian punks are quickly into their groove and have the tent thumping.

By this point - 4pm day one - one thing is very clear. Unlike other festivals I've been to, the priority for the crowd here is the music. Beer and everything else is secondary. Sure there are plenty of drunk folks and those dressed up in the wrestling theme of the day - but they're still hear to see bands.
The Defiled open the Apollo stage

After Comeback Kid for me is Devil You Know. As a big fan of Killswitch Engage, I was keen to see what former frontman Howard Jones and his supergroup sounded like live. 

To be honest, they were just OK. Not bad, but I didn't get the vibe off them I get when I listen to KE. Maybe it's unfair to compare, but I'll still give them another listen.

After that I take a little refreshment break - a few beers and some food - and take in bits of Band Of Skulls, Him and Atari Teenage Riot, but then I'm on my way near the front of the Apollo stage for Limp Bizkit.

Wes Borland blacks out
The Lounge Kittens kick off the set with an a cappella intro to Rollin before Fred Durst joins them on stage and takes over vocal duties. From then on it's classic after classic with the likes of Faith, My Generation, Nookie, a cover of Rage Against the Machine's Killing In the Name before closing with Take A Look Around and Break Stuff - and all with Wes Borland in his usual made-up gimp look.

With the crowd really hyped up, next comes headliners The Prodigy. Those who dispute a dance band topping the bill at a metal festival really haven't seen the Essex boys live before. Man, they rock.

Breathe is the first track and within seconds of the familiar intro the audience is thrashing. It's a long set but the energy of the band and the crowd is immense and the likes of Omen, Firestarter and Invaders Must Die really life everyone. When they play Smack My Bitch Up we reach a frenzy and then comes a four-song encore. What a start to the weekend.

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