Monday, 22 September 2014

Double LP preview from The Foreign Films

THE Foreign Films' Bill Majoros has released a five-song preview of his forthcoming double LP The Record Collector.

Bill, from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, plans to unveil the album one side at a time over the coming months with the entire 18-song collection released as a two-disc vinyl set in early 2015.

He told RealSoundsOK: "Growing up I fell in love with double albums. I like the idea that you can travel deep into the sonic world of a long player. A single is simply the first step of an exciting journey.

"To me, recording is the pursuit of sonic and emotional magic. It's an attempt to be free of one's limitations. It's an attempt to communicate the joy and sorrows of life.

"At a time when music is being reduced to ring tones, I find myself going in the exact opposite direction."

You can listen to "side two" of The Record Collector below and for more on Bill and his music, visit

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