Thursday, 27 November 2014

New 'cassettes' from Terrorista

POST-punk duo Terrorista have released two "cassettes" of their sounds.

Sam and Rich from the band got in touch to tell us: "We've been rippin' together for over ten years in various bands, playing countless shows in almost every venue Toronto has to offer, but Terrorista is the most exciting and high-energy music we've ever created.

"Over the next few months we plan to roll out a seies of cassette singles, each in their own flashy colour and fitting together to reveal a different part of who we are."

You can click on the cassettes below to listen for yourselves or head over to

The lads added: "Saturated in DIY ethos and marinated in 90s punk vibes, we hope these cassettes capture the work that we've put in so far and connect with you in a real way."

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