Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Nathan Compton Q&A

Your name:
Nathan Compton.

Where are you from?
I am from New Mexico, USA.

Name of band: 
I am a solo artist, soon to be putting a new band together.

How would you describe yourselves?
I would describe myself as a humble musician and workaholic. My music is very diverse, some songs are pure rock, while some are more on the alternative end of the spectrum. I also write R&B, hip hop, and country music for other artist.

Who are your main influences musically?
My main influences as a child were KISS and Prince. They were the first artist that gave me the desire to pursue a career in music. Later on in life bands like of course Metallica, Alice in Chains, and Soundgarden, became fixtures in my CD player.

What do you hope to achieve in music?
In my career with my music, I hope to achieve a writing style of songs like Jimi Hendrix, the Doors, and The Rolling Stones. Songs that last a life time and beyond. I want to be able to connect with people through my lyrics and music. After all, music is the universal language that we all share no matter if there is a geographical or language barrier.

What has been the highlight of your career so far, and why?
The most recent highlight of my career was signing a compilation distribution deal with Chaos Music Distribution. I have been getting sent contracts for some time, but they have been just horrible deals for me as and artist. Now finally some of my music will be available worldwide without me having to sell my soul.

And what’s the moment you want to forget?
There have been a few downers along the way. A very memorable one for me was opening for the band Human Nail. I told my band that if we made one mistake live, that I would stop the show and pull the band off stage. Well about the fifth song, I heard something that I personally didn't like, a missed note, and staying true to my word, I stopped the show in the middle of our set and we left the stage. Looking back on it, I wish I wouldn't have done it. All I accomplished was letting the crowd down. That is something that I will never do again.

If you had to pick just one of your songs to represent your music, what would it be and why?
It is hard for me to pick just one song that I feel truly represents me. But if I had to I guess it would be the song Colour of Government. It pretty much embodies the views I hold, and sometimes content, with the way politicians lie to the public to get your vote and then throw us under the bus when it comes to treating us as human beings. In America a lot of the decisions that are made by our government do not truly represent the will of the masses.

Where can we listen to it?
I have a few places you can stream and download some of my music. Reverbnation.com/nmdirt is my main site right now, but I also have music posted on Soundcloud.com/Ncompton.  

Where can we find out more about your music?
You can also follow me on Twitter at Nathan Compton @ncompton23.

Anything else you’d like to say about your band/music that I forgot to ask?
I am currently working on a new CD project and putting a new band together. The CD should be out by the end of March 2015, then I plan to start doing some shows in the US before heading to the UK.

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