Sunday, 18 January 2015

First video from The Bad Years

LA band The Bad Years have released their first video for debut single Common Mistake.

Sami Akbari - who is 50 per cent of the duo along with Aaron Mort - got in touch to tell RealSoundsOK about the thoughts and feelings behind the promo.

He said: "For us it's about being hopelessly in love but going through a period of frustration and doubt. You crave change but you're just not feeling satisfied with the time it's taking to get there. Feelings of anxiousness, fear and love combining - the eternal relationship struggle."

The video was directed by Jacob Arden McClure, who admits to be intrigued by the dynamics of a two-person band where the two members also happen to be in a relationship.

He said: "I wanted the video to be void of any space or backdrop, just Sami and Aaron in blackness forced to observe each other within the confines of their relationship. 

"The whole video is representative of their internal thoughts. They stare each other down, allowing the audience only small glimpses of their emotions. Tension is visualized literally, conveyed in scenes as they pull a rope back and forth. 

"All these elements - the flowers, rope and bones - come together to represent larger ideas of love, hate, death and rebirth. The piece is a testament to the inherently human experience of being in a relationship and creating with another."

You can watch the video below and for more on the band visit

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