Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Hill Of Knives EP from Youth Man

PUNK trio Youth Man have released their EP Hill Of Knives and first track Skin.

The EP is the follow-up to their critically-acclaimed debut Bad Weather and was recorded and produced by the band with Isaac Cartwright at Muthers Studio in Birmingham, UK.

The band has also released their own musical manifesto to accompany the EP. 

It reads: "We are the loudest live band in the UK. We will gladly accept challenges to that claim.

"We believe in making honest music and do not care about what anybody else is doing. We do not care about what we are told we should sound like. This is what Youth Man are doing and this is what it should sound like.

"Substance comes before style. Anybody who thinks that their outfit or image is more important than the music they make is unworthy of being taken seriously.

"Music should not always be easy to listen to. Music is expressive and dynamic. It should be loud and quiet, pleasant and unpleasant.

"Music should not have to fall into a precise category in order to be accepted. The abundance of genres and sub genres which we now face are simply a means to make the bastardization, debasement and dilution of music simpler.

"Female musicians are not gimmicks.

"Black Rock musicians are not gimmicks.

"We recorded this EP in October 2014 with our friend Issac. Marcus did the artwork.

"The songs are about Tyranny, the hypocrisy of the West, isolation, the human experience, and the largest organ in the human body.

"Play it on your stereo.”

The band will be playing shows in Birmingham on April 18 and in London three days later.

You can listen to Skin below and for more on the band visit

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