Thursday, 5 February 2015

Ophelia Syndrome bring us North Sea

NORTH Sea is the new album from Ophelia Syndrome.

The Southern Ontario band have also released the first single Stay.

The four-piece - Josh Kohler, Trina Nadeau, Deanna Wells and Andrew Barbisan - told RealSoundsOK: "For this album we decided to return to our natural habitat attempting to achieve a truly honest, cathartic and performance-based vibe.

"We enlisted our good friends Dan Rodrigues and Kori Pop to produce and record the album in Dan's basement. We wanted to find balance between North Sea's often depressing themes of loss, failure, betrayal, abuse, inadequacy, anger, helplessness and other forms of general human stupidity by having more fun than you can imagine making music with friends."

The gang urge us to listen and enjoy, which you can do below. For more visit

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