Sunday, 22 March 2015

The Human Project take on football's thugs

MELODIC punks The Human Project have released a video for The Beautiful Shame.

The track - taken from debut album Origins - reflects the Leeds band's displeasure around the mindless minority of football fans.

Guitarist Luke Yates told RealSoundsOK: "We wrote The Beautiful Shame as a cry of despair at the bigoted, racist thugs who still - in 2015 - manage to somehow ruin a nice day out for everyone else and are genuinely dangerous to the safety of totally innocent people, who simply want to see a game of football.

"It mainly questions who is to blame for allowing this macho bullshit to continue and suggests that the powers that be within the sport and with the police often fail to draw the line where friendly rivalry ends and violent thuggery, blatant racism and, essentially, organised crime begins."

Have a watch of the video below and for more - including live dates in April and May - head to

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