Wednesday, 1 April 2015

New single from Aaron

DREAM pop artist Aaron has released her new single Borderline as a free download.

The track is taken from the Londoner's debut EP Letters To Jonny, which is due out on April 27th.

Aaron told RealSoundsOK: "Borderline is the closest thing I have to a slow jam. I wrote it with the supremely talented Brey and we both felt it more like therapy than work.

"We have our own interpretation of the song. To me it's about someone testing you and your limits. The lyrics explore those emotions: how far you allow yourself to be pushed, how long until you have to say 'stop' and is this sadness enjoyable in some way.

"I really love the composition and production of this track. It has the most live recorded instruments of the whole EP. The broken drum pattern and bass were fundamental to the heavy, emotive weight and the warped piano, synth and strings lift it in contrast.

"To me, the whole thing together feels very grand and sad all at once."

You can listen to the track below and visit for more.

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