Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Single, video and an album from Crooked House Road

INDIE folk collective Crooked House Road have released their single Mountain.

And there's more reason to celebrate as the Toronto-based outfit have also put out a live video for the track Tell Me A Story and their self-titled album is out next week.

Shaina Silver-Baird from the band told RealSoundsOK: "Crooked House Road began when I met Mirian Kay at an open mic and we immediately sparked a friendship. She became my musical partner in crime and we began performing my original songs around Toronto.

"Since then, Crooked House Road has grown into a full band with our own unique fusion of folk, pop and blues music.

"After a successful first show, we set out to build our repertoire and find a solid collective of musicians to write our first full-length album.

"In a way, the Crooked House Road musicians found us. Derek Gray was my upstairs neighbour, Gram Whitty was a subtle musician we brought in for one gig and never let go, I met Joshua Skye Engel at synagogue playing a show for kids, and Tom Mifflin was an old buddy from university."

You can listen to Mountain by clicking here and watch the video for Tell Me A Story below. For more info head to crookedhouseroad.com

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