Tuesday, 19 May 2015

New video from In Hearts Wake

HARDCORE boy In Hearts Wake have unveiled the video for Badlands.

The track is taken from the Byron Bay, New South Wales, band's new album Skydancer, released this month on UNFD.

Vocalist Jake Taylor told RealSoundsOK: "Badlands is a modernised western tale of the ever-classic and symbolic feud between cowboys and Indians. 

"Written from the perspective of native outlaws, 'we will make a stand' against the invading miners who destroy the Earth only for personal gain. We recently saw this first-hand whilst driving through the invasive Texas oil wells that drain the planet 24/7 in search of profit."

In Hearts Wake have also released the video game Sky Hoppers, through which fans can unlock an exclusive song from Skydancer called Insomnia.

You can watch the video for Badlands below and head to facebook.com/inheartswake for more

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