Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Visc returns with title track of new album

SYNTH-rock artist Visc has returned from the wilderness with new track Hired Guns.

Dylan Fellows - the Athens, Georgia, musician behind the project - took a step back from Visc last November and put out what was going to be an album out as the seemingly final EP Seasons.

But he confirmed he was back working on the Hired Guns album in April and has delivered the title track.

He told RealSoundsOK: "I try to write about things besides love and anger and other boring emotions. I usually prefer to write about a character, but put a new spin on that character. 

"So for my next album I am writing about hired guns. But instead of writing about the realities of their job, I am writing about the problems that no one would really think about (and ones that probably don't exist). For instance, I have a song planned about being a hired gun who can't recognise faces, or a hired gun that has a fear of blood. 

"Like Original Rebels, I wanted to take an evil character (or a misunderstood character) and really get to know them.

"The title track is more of an anthem for this album, and is the only song that actually talks about what mercenaries actually do. I've begun to focus more on guitar and bass and have been experimenting with recording lots of harmonies. Kind of a new direction for me, while keeping the same simplistic synth-pop base."

You can listen to the track Hired Guns and for more info head to facebook.com/VivaVisc

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