Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Tuff Slang put out debut track Nothing All The Time

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NEWCOMERS Tuff Slang have put out their first single Nothing All The Time.

The Chicago trio - Aaron Vincel, Cody Messick and Justin Frederick - have set out their mission as trying to create a "hook-driven rock band that walks the line between southern twang, rhythm and soul".

They told RealSoundsOK: "Nothing All The Time is the first track we wrote during our earliest rehearsals. It made us realise the sound that we were chasing together and paved the way for each song written after.

"We've all come from different bands and knew that his effort had to combine something that we each hold close in terms of influence. We drafted up song after song until we hit the mark on what it was that captured each of our personalities in the music."

The trio say their music is meant to get your hips shaking and you whistling along. You can decide for yourselves if they've hit the mark below.

For more info head to facebook.com/tuffslang

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