Saturday, 1 December 2012

I started my Twitter feed to find out and share music news and views from a range of sources.
As happens with these things, people started to follow me (thankfully). But one noticeable element of those following me was the amount of bands, musicians and artists – lots of them just starting out on their musical careers.
And so I started clicking on links, Googling and finding more out about them – that’s when I had a mini brainwave. And so over the next few weeks I have been compiling little Q&As with lots of them to allow me to find out more and share it with you, my readers.
All the artists were asked the same set of questions, which I hope throw up a fairly representative answers of who they are, where they’re at and where you can listen and find out more yourselves.
Not wishing to patronise, but I have been mightily impressed with the amount of music (and the quality of it) being created in bedrooms, garages and studios across the globe.
I’ve filed them all under Follow Me on this blog and I hope you enjoy reading and find something you enjoy.

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