Sunday, 9 June 2013

Debut from punk-inspired Jenny Fiorentino

THE wonderful Jenny Fiorentino is set to release her debut album From Darkness To Light on June 18th.

She got in touch with RealSoundsOK to tell us about her evolution as a musician from a town in Ontario, Canada, where ice hockey rather than music is the obsession.

She said: "Growing up in a Canadian suburb obsessed with pucks almost seems like an imagined stereotype, but that’s exactly the place I grew up. There were hints of punk rock though, and it was the ethos and energy of that music which propelled me into making my own. 

"The music was able to take me to a place that made sense.

"From Darkness To Light lives and breathes because of my association with punk, even if my own music has taken on many different characters and shapes."

You can listen to the album on the Bandcamp stream below and you can download the first single for free at

Jenny added: "Also, I’ve spent the last couple years covering a whole wack of punk songs. You could say the process has become part of my punk rock education. You can watch/listen to them (and my originals!) at my YouTube page. I’m almost at a million views, which is fairly crazy."

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