Sunday, 7 June 2015

For Esmé release video just for You

ELECTRO trio For Esmé have released their new single You.

It is a glimpse into the Toronto outfit's album to be released later this year.

Martha Meredith from the band told RealSoundsOK: "Poised between nouveaux and nostalgia, reality and the sublime, our new work is about being present in the moment, and ultimately, immeasurably open to joy.

"The video amplifies the feeling of losing yourself to the beat, and letting go of your inhibitions. A dreamlike adventure through an old school at night, the excitement, secrecy and spontaneity."

Martha takes vox, drum machine and synth duties in For Esmé with Dave Thiel (bass, electronic soundscapes) and Nathan Crook (guitar, vox) making up the trio.

You can watch the video for You below and for more on the band head to

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