Wednesday, 12 March 2014

New video from Katie Bulley

THE wonderfully talented Katie Bulley has released a video for her new track Up And In.

The former Barettas frontwoman dropped RealSoundsOK a line and seeing as she addressed me as "sweetheart", she can say what the heck she likes!

"Sometimes, you run into hard times. They feel like crimes and cost more than ticket fines. Broken guitars, smashed cars, driving further than the stars. Long stays at short hotels, roaming charges, whistles and bells. Me oh my! The dollar was high. The bee's knees cost top fees.

"But through it all I was able to record at Sun Studio in Memphis, with the finest session musicians including Johnny Cash’s late bass player David Roe and percussionist John Argroves.

"The video for Up and In is the first release from these sessions. The video works as homage to Bob Gruen, the infamous personal photographer of John Lennon, and capturer of Bob Dylan, Debbie Harry, Ike & Tina, New York Dolls etc. It was a thrill to spend some time with him."

You can check out the video below and if you want to help Katie complete her full album, or find out more about her, visit

She added: "Bless you even for a dollar. I'll be tending the bar hoping you holler. If you can't spare it well that's ok, we're in the same boat, sailin' on and away. Thank you all the support at RealSoundsOK!"

I'm getting all emotional now...


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