Tuesday, 9 September 2014

The Unsatisfied Q&A

Your name: 
Eric Scealf.

Where are you from?   
I live at the foot of Missionary Ridge in Chattanooga, TN.

Band name:   
The Unsatisfied ...post punk/glam/Hard ROCK!!!

Who else is in the band?
We have the great T-Rex loving, creative genius, 20+ years by my side Johnny Stockman on lead guitar. Next we have back after 3 years on a spirit retreat..my man; the weird and wonderful, King of punk rock, Wayne (WAYNO) Shadwick on rhythm guitar. Starting his journey as our NEWEST member is a man that has been a part of my life for a very long time. He is a producer and a master songwriter and we have been working on a project outside The Unsatisfied for over 13 years, the extraordinary Seth Smallen on bass. Now take a moment to contemplate...the great Uncle Lighting must be mentioned here...take a dose of Jack Kerouac, mix Roger Taylor with a SOBER Charles Bukowski :) swing it daddio and you have the Legendary Doug Bales on drums. And last let me introduce myself my name is Eric Scealf. I am a singer/songwriter and frontman. I founded The Unsatisfied in 1986, and since that time I have had the privilege of playing with my idols, playing famous clubs, acting in movies and doing what I love to do best, rock 'n rule! :) GOOGLE me please! :)) 

How would you describe yourselves?   
Well that has always been a very tough question. A super nova of classic rock sounds? Transforming and crossing the line of what your supposed to do in the context of rock music. The tendency in this band is to push ideas and use vibes of the past. We want you to feel like we felt when we saw or heard that band that made the hair rise on your arms. Or the way you got goose bumps when you saw Prince or Iggy Pop or Elvis. A little dangerous. I describe The Unsatisfied as a feeling of awe and inspiration.    
Who are your main influences musically?   
The Cult/The Damned/ The Stooges/The Doors/Iggy/Bowie/Rolling Stones/New York Dolls/Aerosmith/The Clash/Adam And The Ants. Punk, progressive rock at times i.e., Prince/James Brown/Rick James/ and glam, psychedelic and funk at others. 
What do you hope to achieve in music?   
GREATNESS! Immortality! Riches! A feeling of accomplishment and peace knowing that all this sacrifice and hard work is worth it.

What was the highlight of your career and why?   
We have so many blessings that focusing on one just doesn't feel right so I'm gonna give you a few that come to mind. The first is playing CBGB's and being courted by Caroline Records in New York City. We were also filmed for a TV show called New York, New Rock at CB's, and now that TV show is working on a documentary and they are going to feature that footage, see it here- (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3zvQXOANgOU). Dancing with Iggy Pop in front of 10,000 people. Touring with the Impotent Sea Snakes was also a buzz. We got the audience so excited that the girls attacked me and I had my clothing ripped from my body. That happened a lot on the road with those guys!  

And what's the moment you'll never forget?   
When Sylvain Sylvain, the lead guitar from the New York Dolls stayed at my home. I had two timber wolves, family members if you will, in our back yard. I took Sylvain out to meet them and they licked his hand. Syl piped up..."They Don't Eat Jew's do they?" Because Syl is Jewish. I said..."No way! You're a part of the pack."  

What song would best describe what you do and why?   
BLOOD GOSPEL. It has the drama, the changes and the feelings of isolation, transformation and ascension. 

Where can we listen to it?   

Where can we find out more about your music?  

Anything else you would like to say that I forgot to ask?   
I want to add that this is not your average band on the net. The Unsatisfied is a family of people, and I mean a lot of people, that have been through what life has to offer. We have children and homes. We have responsibility to ourselves and our ideas. Transcend the restriction of what music culture has become, we will be the light across the river of misinformation. We will make you question your own taste and give you those chills when you see us on stage. LUVnBLOOD, Eric Scealf (THE UNSATISFIED).

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