Thursday, 5 February 2015

News story got Tamara Williamson writing again

TAMARA Williamson has released the single Victoria with the money from digital sales going to Amnesty International.

The reason for the charity is the story behind the track.

Tamara, from Uxbridge, Ontario, Canada, told RealSoundsOK: "I was pretty sure I was done with writing music until I wrote Victoria. I've never felt the need to speak up about women's rights before, but a story burst my bubble and I took a look around.

"One morning in 2013 I was driving my son to school listening to The Current on CBC. I was pulled into a story about a woman from Argentina named Victoria Montenegro.

"At the age of 20, Victoria found out that the parents who had raised her were not her family and had been responsible for her abduction as a baby. After many years of searching, Victoria found that her father had been the victim of the 'death flights' where thousands of young Argentinians were thrown alive from planes into the Atlantic Ocean. Her mother's body has never been recovered."

Sister Mother Daughter Wife will be Tamara's first album in four years - and eighth solo full-length.

She added: "Each song in the collection is a story about a different woman with their own unique story to tell. Stories are told for the purpose of sharing and that is what I hope to do."

You can listen to Victoria below and for more on Tamara visit

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